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Our recent partnership with Stroma Built Environment means we can now offer Air Testing as part of our Plumbing and Heating package. We offer one point of contact for all our services and can normally turn the air test results round in the same day. We can even upload it straight to the NHBC Portal taking all the administration away from your site team.

What is Air Testing?

Air Testing (also known as Air Pressure Testing or Air Tightness Testing) is a requirement of the Building Regulations. Part L states that new developments must meet specific air permeability targets to minimise the risk of heat loss and energy inefficiency caused by air leakage. Stroma Built Environment has the world's largest team of experienced Level 1 and Level 2 Air Tightness Technicians to carry out Air Pressure Testing. Our comprehensive Air Testing services help our clients to determine the development's air permeability rating so you can meet your carbon reduction and sustainability targets and improve occupier comfort.

The Building Regulations require all new build and existing dwellings to pass an Air Test. Stroma Built Environment offers domestic Air Tightness and Air Pressure Testing on all residential buildings to ensure your developments meet their efficiency targets and offer optimum comfort for the occupants. We work with you from an early design stage, offering expert advice and mitigation measures to ensure your projects pass out domestic Air Tightness Test the first time.